Operators Availability

Chats will be assigned to operators based on their availability. Availability of the operators is indicated in the operators list at the right corner with their status and color.

Operator’s Statuses

Operators can avail as one among in these three status.

  1. Online
  2. Offline
  3. Appear Offline

Online status will assigned to all operators who logged-in their account. They can able to chat with incoming visitors.
Output Desk _ Operator Availability 1


Operators who didn’t logged in were in offline status. They can no longer chat with visitors, until they come online.
Output Desk _ operator availability2

Appear Offline

Appear offline is an advanced option, inwhich the operators may be online, but won’t be assigned to visitors. This can be done manually or automatically. Visitor coming to chat will no longer assigned to you till you come online. Your colleagues will know that you are online.
Output Desk _ Operator Availability 3b
If you are going away from your computer, you can set it manually. Click on the agents availability at the top right corner, click Appear Offline.
Output Desk _ Operator Availability 3c
Appear Offline also assign automatically, based on the Chat rule you provide.