Chat Rule

You can schedule how chats should be routed to your operators in Settings > Chat Rule Tab. You can allow the chats to be responded either by picking manually by the operator or can share chats among the operators.
You can choose either of two options,

  1. Automatic Routing.
  2. Manual Routing.

Automatic Routing

Automatic routing system is an intelligent routing system, inwhich the inbound chats are automatically distributed and engaged with the available Operators. Chats are routed on the basis of Operators’ level and number of chats alloted to them.

Defining chats per Operator

All the operators will be listed with their chatting level and maximum concurrent chat request for them.

Automatic routing Options

Other options include,

  • Returning visitor (who visits frequently) can be routed to the operator who engaged with them previously.
  • Auto-forward the chat to next level operator where the chat assigned operator not responded for a particular time.
  • Assign “Appear Offline” status to operator, if he didn’t respond to any visitor for a particular time.

Output Desk_Chat Rule

Manual Routing

All operators will see inbounding chats of the visitor in Visitor queue gridat the right panel. Operators can manually select the visitor from the queue and start chat with the vistors.