Customizing Chat Window

Administrator can customize, chat bar which should appears in Settings → Appearance Tab.

You should save and  preview each forms on right side panel.

Customize Chat Widget

In Appearance → Chat Bar, you can customize your chat widget. Chat type helps you to choose how your widget should be displayed in your website, as chat bar or as chat bubble.

Chat Bar

Output Desk_Chat Bar

Chat Bubble

Output Desk_Chat Bubble

Widget Position and Color

Here you can choose chat widget color and color of fonts that suits your websites using ‘Skin Background Color’ and ‘Skin Fore Color’.
Choose the position of the widget, where it has to be displayed in your website.

S.NO Field Name Description
1 Chat Type Choose how should chat bar appear on your screen either as Bar or Bubble.
2 Skin Background Color Color of your widget.
3 Skin Fore Color Font Color on your widget.
4 Position Where to place your widget.
Choose either Bottom Right or Bottom Left.
5 Online Title Caption Text to be appear when your operators are available.
6 Offline Title Caption Text appears when operators are away(Offline).
7 Chat Text Watermark text in typing area.
Widget Title Caption

Online Title Caption and Offline Title Caption can be set under Chat Bar option. This title captions will be shown in the chat button either maximized or minimized.
‘Chat Text’ helps you to pique your visitors’ interest towards you. You may provide it if you’d wish.

Customizing Chat Form

Chat Forms helps you to get information about the visitor when they chat with you. You can set Prechat form, Post chat form as well as Offline chat form.

Pre chat Form

Prechat form appears when the visitor, click the chat button to chat. It helps you to get / collect required information from your visitors. You can enable the Prechat form, if you wish. By default, Name and Email will be displayed along with the text area, you can add the fields which require from your visitor.
Chat Bar2

  • You can also edit the Intro Message(Prechat Message), if you’d wish, or can leave it as blank.
  • To add fields to your prechat form,
    1. Click “Add a field” and provide a name.
    2. Select the field type, in which type you want to get visitor’s information (either Textbox / Option / Checkbox / Dropdown).
    3. Click Add to add the field or delete to add the fields.
    4. You can edit each fields except the default teams.
  • Required fields can be set, by checking “required” in settings icon associated with each fields.
Post-Chat Form

Post chat form helps you to show your gratefulness to your visitor or to introduce a new chat scheme as advertisement. You can also set “Ratings”, to survey your operators chat, if required.
Chat Bar3

Offline Form

Offline form helps you to gather your visitors’ information and query, if your agents are not available to take the chat. When your operators come back to online, they can view the queries by visitors and can respond them through email.
Chat Bar4

Route Offline Messages

You can also route those offline messages, to your operators’ email inbox.

To route offline messages to operators’ inbox, Check “Email Recipients” check box and provide the mail address of your operators to whom you want to route those offline messages. The messages from the visitor when you are offline, will be sent to mail accounts provided here.

If you fail to provide your mail account, all your offline messages will be sent to Admnistrator’s account inbox.

Also, you are advised to have a review on your spam folder, if you didn’t have offline messages in your inbox folder.

You can also hide chat button, by checking ‘Hide Chat Bar / Chat Button’ check box.

Customize Chat Greets

Chat Greets helps you to convey greetings automatically when visitor as well as operator, initiate the chat.

Chat Initiate Text

Chat initiate text is a greeting displayed at the chat window, when visitor click “Submit” button after filling the chat form.
Chat Bar5

Chat Invite Text

Chat invite text is a greeting displayed to the visitor’s chat window, when an operator invite a visitor to chat.
Output Desk Chat Bar6