Canned Response

You can answer the most popular questions with pre-defined or saved responses. Instead of typing each time individually, you can simply send them with single click of your mouse or with keyboard shortcuts. Administrator can only create canned responses and it can be created based on departments.
Output Desk_Canned Responses

Creating Canned Response

To create a canned response,

  • Go to Settings > Canned Responses.
  • Enter the canned response text in the text box and select department.
  • Provide Tags (to search easily) and shortcuts (type the keyboard shortcut and hit enter to send the canned responses).
  • Click Add button to save the responses.

To edit the canned response, click “Edit” associated with each response. To delete, click “Trash icon” in the same. Canned Response list also displayed with their shotcuts in right panel parallel to user lists.