Manage Operators

Operators can be managed only in Administrator’s dashboard. Administrator can add, remove or edit operators.

Routing the chats on which the operators are specialized at, can also be set by Administrator.

Listing Operator

Operators will be listed with their profile picture, email id. Those operators who are assigned as Administrator, will be tagged as “Administrator”.
Output Desk Operators list

Creating Operators

To create an operator,

  • Click add “+” icon on the top right corner of the Operator Menu.
  • Provide username, email id, password credentials for the operator.
  • Choose the role either Operator or Administrator.
    Note : You cannot change the role, once it is saved as operator.
  • Provide your job title and phone number.
  • Select the department according to which your chats are routed to corresponding operator.
  • Provide a profile picture, if you’d wish and click Save.

Output Desk Add Operator

Editing Operator

Administrator can edit profile of all the operators. Operators can also edit their own profile using Edit Profile.

To edit an operators profile, Click Edit button associated with each operator. Edit the required field in Edit Profile page and click Save.

If a user’s role is assigned as “Operator”, it (role) can’t be change it.

Deleting Operator

Operators can be deleted by clicking the trash icon associated with each operator in operator list.