Manage Department

Output Desk helps you to delight your customer with right answers without making them to wait for a long time using Department. Departments are managed in the Administrator’s account.

Departments are listed under Department Menu.
Output Desk _ Department list

Add a Department

To add a department,

  1. Click Add “+” icon associated at the right corner of the Department page.
  2. Provide Department Name.
  3. Click “yes” in protected logs, to hide the chats of this department from other departments. By default, it is assigned as protection required.
  4. Choose the Operators for the department and Click Save.

Output Desk _ Add departments

Edit / Delete a Department

Click Edit button associated with each department. Make essential changes and hit save.
Click Trash icon to delete a department.

Listing Department in Chat window

Listing departments in chat window minimize the time of your visitor to reach the right agents.

Department can be added in the chat window by customizing it in prechat form.

Departments will be listed with the status (operator’s status).
Output Desk _ Department 3
Department’s status will be based on the availability of operators in the specified departments.
For example: If one operator is online, Department status will be online and will goes to offline (even as Appear Offline) if all the operators are away.