You can have two roles in Output Desk with different purposes. They are,

  1. Administrator.
  2. Operators.

Administrator account is not purely for supervising, both administrator also have the ability to chat like operator.


Administrators can manage Output Desk’s accounts, operators, departments and settings. He is like a team leader, who can access statistics of all other operators.

Administrator can add new Operators and Departments. They can also chat with visitors.

They can

  1. Customize chat Window for their sites.
  2. Set canned responses.
  3. Customize chatting rules.
  4. Route chat with action rules.
  5. Manage Operators.


Operators, who turn your visitors into customers and increase productivity through their valuable services.

They can,

  • Chat with visitors.
  • Can view chat history, unless the departments log is set as Protected.
  • Can use Canned responses created by Administrator.
  • Can view chat Analytics.

A person who is added as operator role cannot be upgraded to Administrator role. Instead have to create a new account.