Action Rule

An advancement of Chat Rule is Action Rule in Settings. Action Rules helps you to set customized process under unique situation. With Action Rule you can configure automated pro-active invitation, automated Route Chat to Specific operators and Hide Chat Bar, under specified condition.

You can create action rules by defining when, to whom, what and how should it be handled. Here you can assign the following actions,

  1. Send Invitation.
  2. Route Chat.
  3. Hide Chat.

Only a unique / single action can be set under a rule name.

Midst of all the customization or rules set, Action rule has the highest priority.

When there no rule exist, there will be a placeholder message “No rule exist. Click here to add rules”.

Action rules can be set under the defined conditions with unique defined Actions.

Set Action Rule

To Set Action Rule,

  • Click Add icon at the top right corner.
  • Provide a relevant unique Rule Name to the action you are going to set.
  • Select the Action and add condition under specific Action. (in Send Invitation / Route Chat / Hide Chat under the same.)
  • Provide / Select necessary information and click Save.
Chat Conditions

S.No Conditions Previlaged Actions
1 Time on Page All (the three)
2 Time on site All
3 Visited URL All
4 Current URL All
5 Referring URL All
6 Returning Visitor All
7 Searched Keyword All
8 Visitor’s country All
9 Visitor’s region/city All
10 Visitor’s IP All
11 Custom Variable All
12 Visitor’s name Route Chat
13 Visitor’s email Route Chat
14 From Invitation Rule Route Chat, when Condition for send invitation is given.

Be sure that, the conditions you apply didn’t conflict with each other.

Send Invitation

Send Invitation behaves as Proactive Chat invitation, which will automatically triggers the invitation to chat when the given rule or condition is satisfied. The chat bar will appears with the image of the operator along with the chat text they set in “Send Invitation” form.
Output Desk_Send Invitation
To set proactive invitation,

  • Click Add icon at the top right corner.
  • Provide a relevant Rule Name to the action you are going to set and select Send Invitation action in drop down.
  • Provide the message that you want to convey and image(optional).
  • Select invitation criteria (condition) and click Add.
Configure Route Chat

Route chat helps you to route chat to right operator and prevents your time from transferring chats.
Output Desk_Route ChatClick Add icon at the top right corner.

  • Provide a relevant Rule Name and select Route Chat Option.
  • Select whether you are going to route the chat to department or to a particular operator.
  • Provide the condition and click add.
  • You can use “Add Condition” for adding more condition.
Route chat through Proactive chat

You can also direct the visitor through the proactive chat, using “From Invitation Rule” in the condition list. There you can choose the invitation rule, to which you are going to route the chat.

Hide Chat Bar

Hide chat bar in action rule differs from normal hide chat bar, which will helps you to conceal your chat window under certain conditions. It will differ from normal hide chat bar in Appearance, which hide for the whole website, when you are offline.
Output Desk_Hide Char

Edit Action Rule

Action Rules are listed under Action Rule Tab. To edit rule,  Click “Edit” associated with each rule.
Make changes and click Save.
Output Desk_Edit Rule

Edit Condition

To edit the conditions with in the rule, Click on the pencil icon associated with each condition and make your changes.
Output Desk_Edit Condition

Delete Action Rule

To delete a rule, Click “Trash” icon associated with each rule and condition as well.