List View

Visitor list will provide you the list of real-time visitors on your websites. Whenever a visitor come to your website, they will be listed in the Visitor menu for Administrator as well as for Operator. It will provide visitors information at a glance. From here you can chat with your visitor and change them into customer.

Visitor List Grid

Visitors visiting your website pages will be listed on your visitor listing grid.
Visitor Grid will provide you with the information such as,

  1. Nationality.
  2. Name / IP address.
  3. Current visiting Page.
  4. Time on the page (Status).

Output Desk_Visitor List viewReturning Visitor (Visitor who already engaged with you) is indicated with chat bubble. You can also manually invite visitors to chat.

Visitor Detail View

Visitors details will be displayed to you on double clicking visitor row in the grid. Geo-location of the visitor, his mail id will be displayed to you. Also On-site information such as,
Output Desk_Visitor detail view

  • Time on site.
  • Browser as well as Operating System type.
  • List of pages listed on your website.
  • Returning Visitor will be indicated with Returning Visitor icon.

Invite Visitors

You can invite real-time incoming visitors to chat, by clicking “invite” button associated with each visitor.
Output Desk_Send Invitation
To invite a visitor,

  • Click on Invite.
  • Click on send button in the send invitation form.