Chat session initialization

Chat Session is the main section of help desk software. Output Desk enables to initiate chat on both sides from Operator as well as Visitor.

Chat initiated by Visitor

Chat from the realtime visitor of your website will be routed to you based on the rules described in  Setting  menu as,

  1. Chat Rule.
  2. Action Rule → Route Chat.

Of these, Route Chat will hold the highest priority.

Based on Chat Rule

When the Chat Rule is set as “Manual”, visitors will wait in “Visitor on Queue”. Operator have to engage themselves with the visitors as well. As the chat ended, they have to manually choose the another visitor to chat.
Output Desk_Visitor-on Queue
If Chat Rule is assigned as “Automatic”, visitor will be automatically assigned to the Operator as per the priority(level) allotted to them. If the chat is ended, the upcoming visitor will be assigned to them automatically. If all the operators are engaged (allotted chat count is met), the upcoming visitor will wait in “Visitor on Queue”.

Based on Action Rule

When the Action rule is set to route a operator, it will be followed first.
For Example: Consider you assign, Chat from “Product page” should be routed to Operator – John Mathews. Also, the total number of chats for him is 2 according to Chat Rule means,…

  • All the chat from Product pages will be routed to Operator – John Mathews.
  • If John Mathews is engaged with 2 visitor and if the visitor from Product page comes means, the new visitor will be routed to other operators or will wait in Queue (if other operator are Offline).

Proactive Chat invitation

Proactive chat invitation helps you to send custom tailored message to the visitor page to grab their attention to chat. Visitors can be invited Proactively by Operators either manually or Automatically. It will help you to pull attention of your visitor and initiate to chat.

Invite visitors Manually

Whenever a visitor enter your website, he will be listed in Visitor List Grid. An Operator can invite him for chat by clicking “Invite” Button associated with each visitor’s row.
Output Desk_Invite Manually
You can customize this manual proactive chat invitation, in Settings > Appearance > Chat Invitation Text.

Automated Visitor Invitation

When a visitor land on a specific URL/ page, page on site / page exceeds provided time, automated proactive chat triggers.

It can be determined in Settings > Action Rule > Send Invitation.

Ending Chat

Both Operator and Visitor can end the chat, by hitting the “Cancel” button in their chat tab / widget.
After ending chat, visitor will be removed from visitor grid with a placeholder “Chat Ended”.

End chat Automatically

Chat session will terminated automatically, if there is no response from visitor for 20 minutes. Also, when they leave your website, chat session won’t terminate immediately, instead it will be kept active upto 20 minutes and then terminated. It will be represented with a placeholder “Due to inactivity, chat has ended”.