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Banned Visitor

Abusive visitors can be banned in Settings → Banned Visitor.
To ban visitors from chat, Provide his/her IP address and click add. The visitor whom added to Banned list  will  be blocked  and not able to chat with operator.
Output Desk_Banned Visitor

Send reply mail through SMTP Server

You have to configure SMTP server to reply mails from History. By default, Output Desk’s SMTP is used If you want to use another server Output Desk SMTP server, You must have to configure it.

To Configure your SMTP server,

  1. Go to Settings → Others → Send reply mail through SMTP Server.
  2. Provide the necessary details that are asked.

S.NO Server Information Description
1. SMTP Server Provide the host name that sends email.
2. SMTP User Name User name provided while creating SMTP
3. SMTP Password Provide the password
4. Use SSL Click ‘yes’ to use SSL to encrypt your email.
5. Server Port Port to connect to the email server
  1. Click ‘Testmail‘ to check whether your configurations works.
  2. Click Save to save your configuration.

Output Desk_Reply mail SMTP