Output Messenger Integration

Output Desk Operator  can chat with your desk visitor in  Output Messenger by integrating operator in Output Messenger Server Manager.

How to Integrate?

Output Desk Plugin added in Output Messenger Server by default, in ‘Output Messenger → Server Manager → Plugins’.

  • In Output Messenger – Server Manager → Plugins, Output Desk will be listed by default Plugin.
  • Click ‘Config’ to setup configuration for outputdesk operator.
  • In the Output Desk Config popup, choose the Output Messenger users, whom you want to sync with  Output Desk operators.
  • Provide the valid login credentials (email and passwords) and check the validity by ‘Test connection’.
  • Click Save and link the users of messenger with output desk operators.

Chats will be routed only when the accounts(the validation tokens) in Output Desk and Output Messenger are synced.
Output Desk with Output Messenger

Connection Validation

You can check whether users connection have setup correctly.

To Check the connection setup,

  1. Click “Test Connection / User Account” Button.
  2. Those users whose connection is established will be marked with ‘tick’ mark.
  3. If wrong credentials it will be marked with ‘Error’.

If Error exists, kindly  check whether the login credentials  are valid for ther user accounts.