Chat Report

Analytics lets you to see all chat analysis based on nature of chat at a given time. Analytics will be available only to Administrator.


You can provided with the custom report, using filters. You can view filtered chat session information based on these filter options.
Output Desk_ Analytics filter

Chat Report

Chat report will provide you with the details about the chats under the following criteria, which will lead to respective history,
Output Desk_ Chat Report

  1. Chats (All chats) – Provides information about all the chats (responded, missed and offlline) regarding your websites. This will link you to History > All Chats.
  2. Missed Chats – Chat session which is not responded by the operators. This will drop you in History > Missed Chats.
  3. Offline Chats – Chat messages left by Visitors, when operators are away. This will link you to History >  Offline Chats.