Chat History

History will provide you with all the previous chats. History menu is displayed to both Administrator and operator. You can browse all the chat logs and also can add tags for future references.

Chat Logs

All the chats will be listed with details of visitors and their assigned operator with time of chat in the left panel. Selected task will expand on the right panel, where you can see full chat. Group Chat, Offline messages and missed chats also listed along with their respective icons.
Output Desk_History Chat Logs

Adding  tags

Adding tags will enable you to add reference for future use.
Click on “Add Tags”.
Provide the tags and hit enter.

Reply mail

Reply mail helps you to send mails to visitor, directly from History Previews through SMTP settings you provided in Settings → Others.
Output Desk_Reply Mail

Load Previous Messages

Load Previous messages will provide you with the early chats with the respective visitor (returning visitor).

Print Messages

Chat messages can also be printed using Print option in setting icon, associated with the Operator name.
Output Desk_history Print

Delete Messages

You can delete the chat session messages using delete option associated within the setting icon near the operator.

Hiding Chats

Hiding Chats is applicable only based on departments. Chats of a particular departments can be concealed, by agreeing for Protected Logs while creating department.