Chat Features

To improve the quality of your support and guidance to your visitor, Output Desk has added up impressive features as,

  1. Group Chat.
  2. Transfer Chat.
  3. Setting Tags for Chat.
  4. Canned Responses.
  5. Operator to Operator Chat.

Group Chat

With Group Chat You can add multiple operators under discussion with your visitor.

To add operator to group chat,

  • Click Group chat iconOutput Desk_Group Chat icon → Add operators.
  • Click on the operators you want to add. A placeholder “Y have been added by X” will appear in operator’s as well as visitor’s chat window.

Output Desk_Group Chat
You can add all the operators as you wish.
To remove operators, click “cancel” icon associated with each operator under Group Chat icon.

Transfer Chat

Transfer chat helps to make a chat available to the specialized operator of corresponding category.

Click Transfer chat icon Output Desk_Transfer Chat icon, and select the operator you want to direct the visitor. It is impossible to transfer single chat to many operators.
Output Desk_Transfer Chat

Setting Tags to chat

Setting Tags to chats, helps you to save the particular chat for future. You can easily retrieve particular chat using tags.

To set tags to a chat, click on the tag icon Output Desk_Tags icon, type the tag and hit enter. Tags will be saved automatically.

Chats can be retrieved in the history page using respective filters.
Output Desk_Adding Tags

Canned Response

Canned responses helps you to reply faster with pre-set messages. Administrator can configure canned responses and can restrict to specific departments.
Output Desk_Canned Responses

Accessing Canned Responses
  • Operators can access them with ‘#’ symbol followed by its Shortcuts.
  • Operators can use “Canned Responses” list on the top-right side. You can scroll between them and click on the message you want to deliver.
    Output Desk_Canned Responses list
  • If any the keyword present in the visitor’s chat message, you can use “idea icon” to use canned responses.

Operator to Operator chat

Your operators may locate in different storeys even various geographical region. This feature facilitates operators to chat with their colleagues to clarify or share each concepts.

To chat with operator, you can just click on the operator and start your conversation.
Conversation between the operators were kept in history within visitor’s chat. It will be indicated with Group chat “icon”.

All of your conversation can be retrieved in history page or in the chatting page by clicking load more “icon”.